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Death to power – On the edge of honour


This is a work of fiction inspired by real facts or absolutely a fantasy!? A writer in a psychotic outbreak, clairvoyance, delusions, nostalgia, anarchy or is a brainwashedl!? Sadly. Logically. Evident to anyone who wants to see... The exposed here sentences any resemblance to reality is not just a mere coincidence, and yes, a true nasty, involving big powerful men in the country. The real Brazil, minutely detailed and outrageous disgusting!

Gilberto wrote a letter befor act dominated by emotion. This is the final part of the letter.

...I am part of society and we’re being deceived shamelessly! We’re inert. Accommodated in our sofas, lazily. To conform us to corruption, swindles, illicitness, foulest lies, misdemeanors and crimes. The Executive, Legislative, Judiciary, Public Ministry, religious leaders, trade union leaders, magnates, the press: these powerful are corrupted! Power has its cost and its price. And the righteous had fallen into addiction! Eventually yielding to a value: to provide favors, to owe favors and wining for this. We are the people, the mass, the base. We have the power to change history! But the idealistics, braves, peacemakers and visionaries end up being purchased. And those who do not yield to value, are killed. The righteous have their honors put to the test and the heroes end up becoming villains. It’s a scenario that wolves devour lions. The governors, the powerful and influential are the “heads” of all crimes. False leaders, brazen, cowardly, crooks, hypocrites and mockers. Enjoying of starvings, weaks, innocents and hopefuls. We are deluded by promises and our dreams prevent us from reason. But when the mind is active and see the obvious; there is a deficiency of our healthy body! The lazy society crosses his arms. We are accustomed to corrupt and illicit. Leaders of integrity are rare, when the dishonests that should be! But we are accustomeds to the vices of being harmed and accommodateds to the culture of impunity and immorality. This brings us to a fact: we deserve! We are  acecepting the cheek of whom had power. Since only pretend to care. In reality, we do nothing against the wretchies of powerfuls. The power and the crime is a one way and a same way! We gave sizes power to the wolves, that they became unshakable. However, the cynics forget that we, the base, wich put them on top, and we have a moral duty to pull out  of theirs thrones; and we’re going to do, since they demonstrate unable to change and become better humans. All apex: in all directions, every institutions is rotten, and the carrion stink to the point of even the vultures want their flesh of beasts bastards and filthy! Everyone no contaminated who dare exceed the limit from the base end up being infected by corrupty germ loose in universe of the powerfuls. Nobody of the apex is immune to the plague! If we go up, we are target hits. If we stay, we are massacreds. Even heroes have the strength to survive the incurable cancer in politics. The pathfinder heroes and virtuous lambs when they leave the base to the top step of the ruling elite,influential, powerful and manipulative: they all saw wolves devouring the lions. Lions that were his friends. No one escapes the repression, tyranny, greed, gluttony and pride. Men worthy end up turning into monsters. Almost 192 million people are afflicted by these criminals, pretenders,liars and selfish. The Brazil suffers from help and only na alternative: the power must die! Nobody on the apex must escape! Death to power. Among so many assholes, of course, there is not yet corrupted heroes! But these selfless heroes, if worthy: accept death! Since it’s impossible to discern the honored of scoundrels. Is the only way to eradicate the plague in a depraved system, contaminated by greed. No use just eliminating the system, we have to extinguish the dome! All those who are in power must die! And the unselfish heroes will serve the commom good. Not running away from own extinctions. After the killing, we have the story to teach the leaders what will happen if wine to emerge again evil in power, and we will have the strength to repeat the same feat, if necessary to the best for the nation. These shameless end up starting today! I’m willing to eliminate the evil in this country and give the first step. If the press then condemn me as monster: was necessary arise! I’m already on the edge of honour. Enough! Everyone will die. The evil will end. The people help me and God bless me. The housecleaning in Brazil will begin. And not tomorrow, but now.

With veracity...
                             Gilberto (the monster)

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