sábado, 14 de junho de 2014

Innocent Miserable


According to the Ministry of Social development, the number of brazilians who are in extreme poverty comes to 27,3 millions. Machado de Assis, in 1881, had political awareness about this matter, alerting us. The President of the Federative Republic of Brazil, 133 years later, and a national reality so evident, act covertly about it.
The Brazil has 2.906 dumps, these are deposited annually 70.000.000 (seventy millions) pounds of solid waste inappropriately. And in 1.450 landfills are in the open sky, on the edge of streams, polluting waters, soils and air. Graveyard explored by businessman, originating in billions in profit and e resulting in taxes to the municipalities.
The dumps are sources of wealth, but also are places of misery. Scavenger arrive at the dumps before sunrise, staying most days till eleven pm, prospecting lefovers with maggots crawling over rests, subject to contaminations by syringes, rusted metals, mice, flies, cockroaches... Tens of thousands of survivors are in the dumps, confused as beggars, drug addicts, unoccupied; experiencing repression and the scorn of the rest of society. Dumps with thousands of malnourished children, sicks, pregnants, illiterate, without medical assistance, victims of trafficking, sexual exploitation, the incompetence of State and to the complete neglect of “garbage Magnates”. Children forced to work because the State doesn’t fulfill its constitutional duty, leaving them to guarantee their survival, exerting their irrevocable rights to life through the garbage.
This fiction doesn’t escape from this sad reality. So, I hope you can endure this afflictions of this work, and even amid the tears, get to the last page.

This is a story of an innocent child charismatic who lives in a garbage dump, and even in the midst of martyrdoms, teaches us probity, humility, manliness, purity and love, making us better. There is pain on his way, but his wise innocence turns into hope. And today we act as if we’d delivered, sold us to evil, but the “Innocent miserable” and wake us up to the real values of awakens to life, and with a pure soul, smile, inviting him to understand an indispensible, valuable and unusual life lesson.

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