sábado, 14 de junho de 2014

The mark – All against love


This book tells a story of an indispensable, powerful and without end. A wonderful and exciting story in wich the greatest power in the Universe must be the love or the human race will disapear forever.
This story is about an angel that was sent to Earth to fulfill the order of “Gods”; and the fate of the planet was already mapped out, but this angel has found a true love, intense, irresistible, involving and remarkable. To love her, he decided to change the fate of world; disobeying the “Gods”, facing devils, death, and even the Universe became his enemy.
This book brings revelations, and taste them. God would gave made a pact between Lucifer and some humans; furthermore, there is a “Society” signed between the “Gods” and a plot in “Heaven”.
The humanity is just an award, but an angel changed the fate of men because of love, and he will face their most violent and destructive war.

This angel is a brand on Earth, and love is a mark on the soul. Those who believe in love will understand the depth of this bond. But those who never loved, notice the fabulous magic of this connection, and live now the story in which the greatest power in the Universe became the love, and this story is “the mark”.

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